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Goshen Stone® for Landscaping
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Goshen Stone, wallstone, wall stone, small wallstone, construction grade wallstone, rip rap, flagging, large flagging, snapped stone, veneer, capstone, steps, decorative stone, quarry, patio, steps, walls, capstone, fireplaces, benches, bird bath, water features, ponds and walkways are all made with Goshen Stone. Goshen Stone is ideal for stone hearth pieces, stone steps, and other ornamental stone applications. Goshen stone is quarried and cut and used for natural fireplace stone and patio stone. Goshen stone is also used for walkway stepping stones. Also known as blue stone, goshen stone works well for stepping stones and walkways, terraced walls and capstone for steps and patios. Bluestone steps are made from goshen stone and bluestone patios are prized. Architectural stone is usually Goshen stone and is also known as paver stones, paving stones, goshen stone walk ways as well as for stone mantles, landscaping, flagging stone and pathway stones. Architectural stone for fireplaces and landscaping are also Goshen Stone. Patio stone is also used for terraced stone steps and goshen stone for landscaping. Goshen stone steps, walkways and walls are all quarried from the G.D. Judd Goshen Stone quarry in Goshen, MA.